About Us

| Know GMAT Unlike Any Other |

Csquare Learnings (Csqrl) derives an immense gratification in assisting students realize their true potential on GMAT test. At Csqrl student is the top priority. As it tag line goes “we focus on your future”, faculty at Csqrl ensures that GMAT students’ future is secured.

To experience Csqrl is to go inside GMAT exam — and to go inside yourself for the strengths, skills, and confidence you will develop to conquer it. In every class, assignments and tests you are asked not only to study GMAT but to tear it apart and engulf it.

Each class at Csqrl begins with one question, what new you know about GMAT? Because this is truest way to prepare you to the larger question that matters most, here and in your MBA Admissions: what score you need on D-Day.

| High Score – Guaranteed |
High Score is one thing that you can expect with certainty. That’s why we have carefully crafted our GMAT course Curriculum to help you develop the capacity for quick analysis, assessment, judgment and action that you exercise throughout the course of any question you answer on GMAT.
| Student Centric Approach |
Every individual is different and so is his background, skill set and ability to assimilate and perform. Teachers at Csqrl understand and appreciate this reality. Teachers at Csqrl are not just GMAT experts but have an intrinsic ability to assess individual student’s ability and provide extra care and attention whenever it is required. Further, our teachers’ main focus during the entire course is to help students get rid of fear factor and instill greater self-confidence to Conquer GMAT
| No Math No Verbal – ONLY GMAT |
It is one thing to learn Math and English Concepts from text books and GMAT forums. It’s something else to entirely to learn how to handle GMAT questions in the face of confusing language, complex problems, and intense time and extreme mental pressure. That’s what exactly you do at Csqrl – not just once but over 100s of times through the 3 months of in-depth and interactive learning that puts you in the role of the perfect test taker.
Csqrl specializes in GMAT. Csqrl has remained its focus on GMAT from the inception. GMAT is NOT just one of its products of Csqrl but it is the ONLY product. Hence Csqrl continuously engages all its resources on analyzing latest developments, trends, and concepts in the GMAT test and develop unique strategies. Csqrl concentrates extensively in making GMAT as easy as possible to all its students regardless of their backgrounds and proficiency in Math and English.

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